Clearing places at UEA

Whilst things might seem uncertain and a little strange at the current time, preparing for clearing is important to make sure you’re aware of your options on results day. We’re here to help guide you through the next couple of months and support you in making the right decisions for you.

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Come and visit us

If you are trying to get ahead of the game in Clearing, Whilst we’d love to welcome you to campus, we unfortunately can’t at the current time.

However we’d be delighted to see you at our Online Open Day on Saturday 4th July, where you’ll have the opportunity to discover more about us and get a feel for life on campus all from the comfort of your own home!

After results are out we’ll hopefully have Clearing Open Days, but will let you know more about those nearer the time.

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Foundation Year Study

If you haven’t quite reached the grades you need to begin your undergraduate degree, do not worry—you can still come to University of East Anglia this September. You can apply for a Foundation Year through clearing, which will allow you to begin your UEA journey.

Whilst providing you with a strong platform that will allow you to progress into your undergraduate degree in the following academic year. Foundation Year study is available across a huge variety of our degree courses, and is an invaluable learning opportunity. A Foundation Year course will allow you to study around your chosen subject, whilst broadening your knowledge through the interdisciplinary approach to teaching.

Welcome to the #HomeOfTheWonderful

Don’t just take our word for it. Find out why our students love UEA and being part of #Homeofthewonderful


This is UEA

Academic innovation, disruptive ideas and research that changes the world. Not to mention a gold ranking in The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) achieved in 2017 – that’s the government’s new method of assessing the quality of teaching in higher education.

You’ll be following in the footsteps of Nobel Prize winners like geneticist Sir Paul Nurse and novelist Sir Kazuo Ishiguro. And, you’ll be calling Norwich home. A city as rich in history as it is buzzing with creativity.

Finally, you’ll be part of a diverse but close-knit community, housed on our mini-city campus. As well as having everything you need to live, it has everything you need to enjoy yourself, and it’s set amongst picturesque green spaces that offer peace and quiet when you need it.