What is Clearing?

What is Clearing?

Confused about Clearing?


Don’t worry if you’re confused by Clearing – a system offered by the UK’s Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, or ‘UCAS’, as it’s more commonly known!

In simple terms, Clearing gives you the chance to change your course or university before the proposed deadline.

If you’re unsatisfied with your results, Clearing is your second chance. With the help of this service, you can call up prospective universities and apply for a course that suits your preferences for entry in 2020..


Are you eligible for Clearing?


If the following scenarios apply to you, you will be eligible to apply for your chosen course through Clearing from July 6 to October 20, 2020.

You will be eligible if:

  • You’re applying after 30 June.

  • You didn’t meet the conditions of the offers you received.

  • You didn’t receive or accept any offers for a course from a university.

  • You didn’t meet the conditions of your offers.

  • You want a place at a university but haven’t yet applied.

  • You’ve declined your firm place because you changed your mind about your chosen course or location.

Clearing tips

If the above scenarios apply and you’re ready to take the next step into Clearing, here are a few quick tips to prepare you for the process:

  1. Seek advice

Before diving straight into the pool of clearing candidates, seek advice from your school, college or career advisor if you are currently able to.  If this isn’t currently possible then try to use other sources you know and trust.



  1. Revaluate your course choice

This is the best time to revaluate your specified course. It’s completely fine to consider other subjects and rethink your final decision.  For inspiration, check out our Course Finder – a tool that allows you to browse the vast range of potential courses.

  1. Track your Clearing choices

Once you have confirmation from the university or college you wish to attend, remember to track your choices through the online UCAS Track system. Simply click ‘add Clearing choice’ and fill in the course details, sticking to the deadline the university/college told you on the phone.

  1. Reach out to universities

Familiarising yourself with the universities and courses already out there could work in your favour.

Even if you have a university in mind, or already have offers from universities but are interested in others, you can still enquire about courses through their social media channels or websites.

Many universities are currently offering virtual open days. These are a perfect opportunity to discover more without a need to travel to the campus. You can find out more about our upcoming virtual open day and register your interest now.

  1. Get ready for Results Day!

A-level Results Day has been set for August 13, 2020. SQA results in Scotland this year will fall on August 4.

If you get into your first choice university, congratulations! If you don’t do as well as expected or are looking to change your mind, now is the time your preparation pays off.

Make sure you’ve organised your documents before you make any calls and that you’re prepared for a mini-admissions interview over the phone.

  1. Don’t panic!

This is perhaps the most important tip of all...

Clearing may seem like a scary concept at first, but it’s something thousands of students have experienced before.

A familiar path for many, Clearing guides you towards a suitable university and grants you a second chance to progress with your results. If you’re still unsure about Clearing and require further information on the process, check out the UCAS Clearing guide for additional advice.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in UEA, check out our advice page for an insight from our trusted school advisors and current students! Or contact UEA via admissions@uea.ac.uk or telephone +44 (0)1603 591515