Foundation Years

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Foundation Year Programmes

If you haven’t quite reached the grades you need to begin your undergraduate degree, do not worry—you can still come to University of East Anglia this September. You can apply for a Foundation Year through clearing, which will allow you to begin your UEA journey whilst providing you with a strong platform that will allow you to progress into your undergraduate degree in the following academic year.

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Interdisciplinary teaching

Foundation Year study is available across a huge variety of our degree courses, and is an invaluable learning opportunity. A Foundation Year course will allow you to study around your chosen subject, whilst broadening your knowledge through the interdisciplinary approach to teaching.

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Helping you to take the next step

A foundation course will allow you to cultivate essential and additional knowledge of the course, chosen specific modules, and how UEA works on the whole. Upon successful completion of the Foundation Year, you will stand in good stead amongst your peers, academically and socially, as you will have established knowledge of the teaching at UEA, will have settled into uni life, and feel confident in taking that next step.

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What now?

Take a look at the foundation courses on offer, then get ahead in clearing by pre-registering your interest today. If you would like to speak to someone about foundation opportunities you can email or call us on 0300 300 7994.