Clearing Step by Step - Now Closed

Here you can find out more about Clearing and see what advice our own experienced Admissions team has to offer students entering into the Clearing process.

UEA clearing explained infographic

Keep calm and stay positive

Clearing can be an amazing opportunity to gain a place on a course that you previously thought was unobtainable.  It is fast and furious but if you remain calm and prepared for results day you can be rewarded with a place at a university that you really want to study at.

If you find you are in clearing on Results Day, start with a positive attitude- there will be university places available in Clearing and you will find a place to study.

Reviewing your options

Most universities will have vacancies showing on UCAS and on their own websites.  Check both web pages to see what is on offer and the preferred way the university wants to be contacted.  At UEA, the best course of action is to call us. 

You might want to ring the universities that you declined earlier in the application cycle.  You will have already researched these courses and if there are vacancies the university will be pleased to hear from you again.

Be prepared

Remember, the people at the end of the phone line want to help you. Typically you will be asked for your UCAS Personal ID and your results.  You may also be asked for certain GCSE subjects and grades, so it is worth having details of them to hand. 

The person you are talking to will take you through some questions about the subjects you studied and the grades achieved, if you need something repeated or you have questions don't be rushed, take your time.

Always feel free to clarify details

If you are offered a place, ask how long the offer is guaranteed for and what happens next. At UEA we send an email confirming our offer, which includes accommodation details and an invitation to attend an Open Day if you want to see us before making your final decision.  

However if you're unsure of anything, please feel free to ask. If you put the phone down and realise you forgot to ask something, don't panic, just call back.

Next steps

If you have been offered your place and you have referred yourself in clearing, you will see that it has been confirmed on UCAS Track.

The next job will be to apply for campus accommodation with us, if you want to live at UEA, instructions will be sent in the offer email.

If you have applied for Student Finance, you will also need to update your details with them, confirming that you are coming to study with us.

Keep checking your emails because we will contact you with details of how to register as a student.

Check out our web pages for new students.